It all started with a camper conversion from camper_versions… that’s how most our customers stories start. They might be purchasing the van to travel the country, or Europe , they might be a family or a couple. Whatever their plans and for whoever the user, a camper conversion means the same thing to each of them. Freedom.

The freedom to travel wherever and whenever they want, the convenience of having a daily driver vehicle, fully stocked and ready to leave for the lakes on a Friday afternoon. A campervan can change your life and your view of the world, especially if your looking at it from a different location every weekend!

Your camper conversion can be completed in just 3 weeks, meaning that from purchase to your first trip can be less than a month away!

View a snapshot summary below of one our customers travelling through the South Lakes in their T5. Take a look here at our conversions and all we have to offer


travel verions c


travel versions lakes f


travel versions d


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