Our LHD camper van furniture comes with the same options as our RHD versions. Many customers have come to us from all over Europe, so we have developed our interiors to accommodate this demand. Again, the interior is designed to fit the VW Transporter T5 and now the T6, but will also fit, with no modification, the Mercedes Vito, Vauxhall Vivaro / Renault traffic, Ford Transit / Custom.

LHD camper van furniture in SWB and LWB versions

Our European customers are just as varied as our UK customers, with many different variants and sizes of vehicles. Because of this, our LHD Camper furniture is available in both SWB and LWB versions.

All our other components to the conversion come in left hand drive options, such as the M1 tested Rock & Roll bed, M1 tested double swivel seat and our upholstery re-trimming service. Some aspects remain unchanged for example the elevating roof, as there is no difference between the right & left hand drive that affects our conversions other than the layout, for seating and furniture.

Moving to a European country and want to take a camper van? It may be more beneficial for you to purchase a LHD vehicle, rather than taking a UK vehicle, as registering, taxing and insuring can be alot easier with a vehicle from the country that you are moving to. Also driving on the opposite side of the road will be easier, as well as not having to convert the headlights! We can take delivery from any UK port to make the process easier for you and turn your full camper van conversion around in just 3 weeks.

If your requirements are specifically for left-hand drive vehicles, please get in touch to discuss the many options we provide.






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