Why choose a VW T5 Poptop from camper_versions

Here at camper_versions we specialise in all things Transporter. The VW T5 poptop (or elevating roof) is one of them. With many companies on the market, all offering a different type of roof at a different price, its hard to distinguish what is a good buy and what isnt worth the money.

We only deal with one roof, at one price.

The roof fits the VW T5 (all flat roof models) both SWB and LWB versions and has been tested in vehicle.

The poptop conversion comes with a 5 year warranty, adding value as well as space to your campervan.

We only fit to one vehicle meaning there are no variations to our installation process.

A steel strengthening frame is fitted after the roof is cut out to reinforce the campervan.

To check out what it looks like fitted to the van, both inside and out, visit our YouTube channel.

Will the VW T5 poptop sleep 2 adults?

Yes, 2 adults can sleep in the poptop subject to their size, A LWB will have more space than a SWB, but we also offer a high lift version if required. We can also supply and fit a panoramic zip open tent to the roof that gives a really open feel to the campervan which is great on sweltering hot days.  The VW T5 poptop is also compatible with the Fiamma F35 or F40 awnings, as well as the Reimo Multirail, VW California Multirail and several other drive away awning rails.

Want to see how the roof is fitted? Check out our VW T4/5 Forum thread to see step by step, the care that is taken at each stage.

View a snapshot summery below for some of our previous roof conversions or use the contact form below to order a VW T5 poptop roof information pack.


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