A VW T5 roof wrap in gloss black transforms the look of your vehicle, but there are so many other designs and patterns that look awesome too!

To find out more about the vinyl wrapping service that we offer, please go to our wrapping_versions page here. Our roofs are completed in one piece and come in gloss, matt or matt metallic finish. These options aren’t available if using paint. If you love the retro look of the Splitscreen’s or T2’s, you will love the new VW T6 Caravelle with its 2 tone colour scheme. We can complete this same look, wrapping the bottom of your VW T5 / T6 Campervan with matching roof and wing mirrors.

The VW T5 roof wrap is still our most popular vinyl wrapping service.


Because we only carry out work on the VW T5, our roof wraps always undergo the same process. We know the surface well and how to manipulate the material, when to heat the vinyl wrap and when to let it cool down to give the installation the best possible finish. Vinyl wrapping graphics are becoming increasingly common place on elevating roofs, which will make any 4 berth Campervan really standout from the crowd.

Roof bars can contrast against a roof wrap and define the upper part of a VW T5. Our new styling pack Core Edition is a specification of upgrades which complement each other and are fitted as part of a kit.

This includes:

Black roof wrap
Black bonnet wrap (V)
Black side bars
Sportline Radiator grill
Chrome roof rails
Colour coded mirrors and alloy wheel sections


View a snapshot summary of our vinyl wrapping services below, or use the contact us form to make an enquiry about our latest vinyl wrapping services.

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