Fancy a change of colour? Our VW T5 Vinyl Wrap service is the answer! White vans are readily available on the market with coloured vans more expensive and harder to find. Our expert team can change the colour of your vehicle with vinyl wrapping making it more desirable, protecting the paintwork and did you know its also easier to clean?

Are you wondering if you can complete a VW T5 Vinyl Wrap yourself?

The answer, like most tasks is yes, of course you can. But to what standard will the final finish be? How long will it take you to complete the task from start to finish? How much extra material will you have to purchase, as difficult panels end up with massive creases in that you have to pull off and re try. Do you have a temperature controlled room to work on the vehicle, as the vinyl is best applied between 18-22 degrees. If you want to see how its done, you will find a video on our YouTube channel. It looks easy, but that’s because we have been trained by a 3M Authorised Application Trainer. We know how to manipulate the material to form around curved edges, which areas to apply extra heat to and at what time in the process. Our full vehicle wraps take about 4 days from start to finish, and we know what we are doing!

Our temperature controlled clean room not only allows us to complete a VW T5 vinyl wrap in the ideal temperature, it also prevents dust from getting underneath the vinyl whilst applying. The vehicles are also thoroughly cleaned with a special de-greaser so that vinyl has the best possible adhesion to the paintwork.

The colours of vinyl in the 3M range are vast! From gloss and metallic to matt and matt-metallic. So now you can stop searching for that ideal VW T5, in pure grey with air con and a tailgate. Just buy a white van and let us do the rest….


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