Colour coding your VW T5 Campervan’s wing mirrors can instantly change the look of it. With our wing mirror wrap, it can be done very simply and at an affordable cost. If your looking for a bright colour to contrast with the van rather than colour code, or to give it that Splitscreen or T2 retro feel, we can also wrap the roof and the lower half of the vehicle, which Volkswagen now offer with their new T6 Caravelle. Vinyl wrapping will also protect the paint of a vehicle, from things like stone chips.

To find out more about the vinyl wrapping service that we offer, please go to our wrapping_versions page here.

How long will a wing mirror wrap last?

Like all our vinyl wraps, they should outlive the life of the vehicle. If the wing mirror is damaged for any reason, the cap may need to be changed before the vinyl wrap is re-applied, just the same as if it was painted. But if it gets just light scratches, sometimes the mirror can be heated up, and the scratch will disappear.

What other vinyl wrapping services do we offer?

The only vehicle which we now vinyl wrap is the VW T5 T6 Transporter, as we are a campervan conversion company and specialise in the VW T5 and T6 models. With this vehicle we can complete full vehicle wraps, bonnet wraps, roof wraps, poptop roof designs and wing mirrors. It’s not possible to colour code a vehicles bumpers, without first being painted due to a bumpers size, in which case they may as well be colour coded to the colour of the vehicle at the time of paint.

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