The VW Caddy Campervan is fast becoming a popular choice for lots of different people due to its size. It feels just like a car to drive, meaning that it can be used for long journeys in absolute comfort and then turn into an overnight stopover bus by the beach! Our well thought out interior designs mean that you get the most out of the space available, view a snapshot summary below.

Caddy Soul –  The VW Caddy Campervan Conversion

Back in 2012, we discovered that the VW T5 Transporter didn’t suit everybody’s needs. Some customers were asking for a smaller vehicle that they could use just like a car. So we started looking at other vehicles to convert into campervans and naturally started looking at the VW brand. The standard Caddy was too small, but the Caddy Maxi was a great size to use and fit a full campervan interior, just in compact form.

Our first Caddy was purchased and we developed, over several conversions, what is now known as the Caddy Soul conversion. Its a great, fun camper and an ideal vehicle to drive to and from work during the week, then park up and catch those early morning waves on the beach or late night climbs at the base of a crag.


Have we converted you?

If you would like to know more about what we offer in this conversion, please feel free to request a pack using the contact form. There’s more room in the Caddy Soul than you think…





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